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This podcast—developed in the middle of Covid-19—offers a diversion from the distancing routine. We seek to disseminate thought-provoking conversations about literary topics. With conferences canceled and library books without due dates, LMU English MA candidates bring the studio home. Collaboration with graduating Recording Arts students offered a virtual forum for the research questions that drive our literary scholarship. Remote realities have isolating tendencies, and we hope telling stories with sound brings distant listeners closer together.


Reading Women Authors featuring Evelyn McDonnell, Molly Youngkin, Anna Dorn, and Nate Elias

Alumni Spotlight featuring Lisa See, Erika Rothberg, and Wendy Sun

The American Grotesque: Sherwood Anderson and Modernity featuring Bruce Falconer and Chad Trevitte

The American Grotesque: Flannery O’Connor and Southern Gothic featuring M. O. Walsh and Robin Miskolcze

Looking to Literature and Our Bodies: The Future of Researching and Teaching Bodily Trauma in Literature featuring Holli Levitsky

Mental Health, Stigma, and Ableism featuring Savannah Lee Simmons

Introduction to Nightwood featuring Hudson Luthringhausen and Kemi Ogun

Toxic Maternity featuring Sady Doyle and Sarah LaChance Adams

Searching for Utopian and Dystopian Literature featuring Pamela Bedore and Nicole Pohl

Writing through Revolution featuring Roberto Lovato

Advocate through Fiction, a Talk with a Debut Author featuring Debra Thomas